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Anonymous asked:
your eyes. your freckles. your hair. your voice. your snakebites. your septum piercing. you. you are just amazing. i've been watching your videos on YouTube since last December, and I have fell in love with your voice. & your photography, oh my God. again, amazing. I see you going very far in life. ♥

ahh :D thanks <3

mitchyoliver24 asked:
You are beautiful with an epic singing voice. Enjoy your covers keep on going :D

thank youuuuuuuuu <3

justbelieveinmee asked:
hope this isnt weird or anything since you dont know me, but i watched your "terrible things" cover on youtube. just wanted to say youre freakin pretty and you have a good voice!

thanks :D

heroxxheroine-deactivated201211 asked:
gahhhhhhhhhhhhh why the hell are you so perfect it's not fair. :( <3

awh c: thanks <3

there's nothing on it yet, but i made a new channel specifically for vlogs and such. go subscribe!! <3
Anonymous asked:


Anonymous asked:
i just wanted to say ur fucking awsum i love uuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

d’aw <3


keepcalml0ve asked:
Why are you so perfect, im jealous(:


Anonymous asked:
5, 7

AWH c: 

oliveyou-x3x asked:
Whats your favorite bands?.. And I've seen your videos of youtube,, Amazing C:

All Time Low, Asking Alexandria, Escape The Fate, Mayday Parade, We Came As Romans, Woe, Is me, A Day To Remember, Falling In Reverse, Attack Attack, meh.. there’s more but im lazy xP 

loca4chocolate asked:
are you bi?

le no~

we-live-in-a-world-of-beauty-de asked:
ah dude i used to watch your youtube videos! :3 haii im haley.

USED TO?! whyd you stop :(((

Ben Bruce of Asking Alexandria

Danny Worsnop of Asking Alexandria

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